Carbohydrate Nanotechnology Pdf

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Carbohydrate Nanotechnology
Carbohydrate Nanotechnology

Introducing the rising field saccharide nano structures, this book are a singular resource for interested researchers to find out a spread of strategies of applying the sphere to their own work. larger access, also as larger collaboration, to the current new knowledge base field is meant for each artificial saccharide chemists and researchers in nano science connected fields. It covers:

the main forms of nano structures presently below investigation for modification by carbohydrates, as well as nano particles, nano rods, magnetic particles, dendrimers, nano porous, and surface confined structures overview and introduction to the sphere of saccharide technology, and particularly its applications to its biological systems
Provides a singular resource for researchers to find out concerning the techniques wont to characterize the physical and biological properties of carbohydrate-modified nano structures

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